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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Stripes, Denim and Anthropologie Necklace

That moment when I decide, enough is enough I've got to get back to doing what it is that I love.
So here am with an outfit post and photos taken by the in-house photographer aka my daughter, Georgina.  In these past few months I have successfully gone through back to school with my 5th and 3rd graders, adjusted to a few new after school activities with the kids and celebrated my 39th birthday last month. *Gasp* A lady never tells her real age they say, well I'm not one to shy away from that, after all it is what it is.  I look around me and see so many beautiful women my age or older living life to the fullest and looking quite beautiful might I add.
So, in honor of birthday celebrations, I couldn't pass up a visit to the Anthropologie store to use up my Birthday discount.