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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Year Style: Maroon and Lace + Breakfast Recipe: Butternut Squash and Eggs

New Year's Eve Style: Maroon and Lace
So its New's day and you have brunch event to attend. I say wear lace :-)
So I've been eyeballing this skirt on New Look all last night and just when I decided to pull the trigger I realize they don't have my size. Ugh Go figure ;-)
On to breakfast this morning, ahhh how delicious it was. I woke up craving shrimp and eggs. After an intense session with my Kettlebells I figured a nice big breakfast was fitting. Now I normally don't blog about recipes but this meal I just had to share.

2 eggs
ginger (paste (1tbsp) or root diced up)
White cooking wine 1/4cup
olive oil (1tbsp)
coconut Oil (1tbsp)
summer squash
butternut squash
red pepper flakes 1/2tbsp

~ Cut and boil Butternut squash till tender
~ Heat olive oil in pan then add shrimp, ginger 1/2tbsp, basil and salt
~When Shrimp is almost pink add white wine. Stir and leave for 1-2mins or until simmer.
~ Take Shrimp and its sauce out of pan and place on your dish
~ Add coconut oil to empty pan
~Add shallots, remaining giner, red pepper flakes, Zucchini, summer squash. Sautee until tender
~Then add boiled butternut squash and mash.
~place your mashed squash next to shrimp on your dish
~ Fry easy over egg

Monday, December 29, 2014

NYE with Burgundy pants and sparkles

NYE with Burgundy pants and sparkles
Burgundy! pinks! sparkles! Great recipe for a look worthy of New Year's Eve. Whether its a dinner date or a night out dancing, this works perfectly. Now while I still have no idea what I'll be doing for New Year's eve, I am however excited about taking nighttime photos.
Last night I used my new Canon 24-70mm lenses for the first time. I really wanted to capture some shots from the Mall balcony. So while the shops were closed, I was still able to sneak in since there were quite a few employees cleaning up for the night. Its was such a peaceful time to be out taking photos. I have to say, I quite enjoyed it and left feeling inspired.
Happy Monday!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Ring In the New Year with Metallic and Velvet

Ring In the New Year with Metallic and Velvet
There is no better time to bring out the metallics than New Year's eve. Its go BIG or go home,  that's what I say ;-) This style board was inspired by a friend, she's going to be in NYC for the ball drop. How exciting is that?! The NYC ball drop has been on my bucket list. What are your plans for NYE? Post a link to your blog or polyvore creation, I'd love to check it out.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

LBD: Halter top Dress with Lace Hemline + Photo of the Day

LBD: Halter top Dress with Lace Hemline

Here is another LBD for this week. So far its been blacks or pinks with my style boards. In my opinion one can never have enough little black dresses. And with so much variety its easy to pile up on them. I say show off those shoulders with this Halterneck. Gotta love the Lace hemline. Such a sexy chic dress, certainly a twist to the classic LBD.

Aside from my obsession with Polyvore, I've also been out and about taking photos of things that inspire me. Today's photos were taken when I visited a friends house a few weeks ago. Well, I'd say its more a farm house. The highlight for me was trying to carry her Turtles. Wow! They were very heavy!