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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Capture The Moment with Summer Shorts

I am loving the variety of shorts that are available this summer. With so many colors and styles its hard not to find one that suits you. I picked out this pair of pattered shorts in the back sale room of Anthropologie, its a perfect fit and length for me. I can see myself wear this pair with almost any top and it will go perfectly.
Lately I've been obsessed with getting better with my photography and learning all things about photography. I'm finding that I enjoy taking nature shots, so when the opportunity came for me to visit The Falls in Brevard NC, I was ever so happy to bring out my camera.
Below is my style board based on what I wore that day and more nature shots. My goal is to get better photos with less post processing.
     Capture The Moment

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Selfie Work OOTD with Florals

Work OOTD with Florals


I'm loving my work day selfies and creating style boards inspired by my ootd. Today its this floral top with a back cut-out worn with a midi flare skirt. Both items are old purchases from Marshalls. And when I say old I mean pre second baby (my son who is now 8rys). Don't you just love when you get a good deal and style that lasts through years, trends, seasons and weight fluctuations? I can say I got my money's worth from this purchase that's for sure. The top is from a brand called Kenar and the skirt is Grace Elements. The cut-out was just appropriate enough for work. I wanted to pair it with a black pencil skirt but honestly I really was not in the mood to wear a form fitting style ;-)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Carefree weekends with Kimono and fringe: Francesca's Dress

Weekends are all about grab and go especially during the day. And this dress has been my go-to item too many weekends in a row than I'd care to admit on here. You know that dress or top that your family or friends know you for wearing way too many times? Well this is it for me. Why? because most times I couldn't be bothered #truth. However, the other reason is because this simple dress in itself is stylish without the fuss. And when I'm feeling up to it, on goes the BIG earrings and voila!