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Monday, April 13, 2015

Fashion Photography series: With guest blogger from RedPants: Green Maxi Dress

I've been trying my hands in photography and I'm loving every minute of it. While I enjoy capturing the beauty of nature and landscapes, I'm also drawn to taking photos of beautiful and talented fashionistas that inspire.  I was so happy to have met Ruqayyah at a blogger event last year, we hit it off right away and as we chatted away, I felt inspired by her passion for sewing. I simply admire a person that can sew their own outfits, I think its an amazing talent to have. If you've ever visited her blog over at Red Pants Design you'll see just how talented she is. With a eye for fabric selection, she's able to put together beautiful designs that we see in high-end and also department stores.
So of course naturally I thought she'd be a great guest feature to have on My Wallet My Style.
Head on over to her blog, and see where she describes how she put tougher this lovely green maxi dress. I'm loving the color and cut-out shoulder on this dress. Oh and let's not forget the accessories, perfect! :-)