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Friday, October 11, 2013

My Instagram Life @mywalletmystyle

Happy Friday! Its been a great week but glad the weekend is here. I'm most excited and nervous about the 10 for Texas 10-mile Race tomorrow morning... yikes! Well.... I believe I am as prepared as I can ever be considering I only started increasing my distance within the past couple of weeks up to  8.8miles. After the race I plan to have a much needed deep tissue massage and rest.
For today's post I thought I'd share with you my recent Instagram shots.


1.        What I call: Confessions in a Marshalls fitting Room. I was super happy to walk away with that fringe leather jacket for $39! What a steal. Sadly the skirt stayed behind.
2.       I think I spent a good 30mins in the dressing room of Marshalls that day. It’s always the case isn't it?  Pile up a load of clothes but end up getting one thing.
3.   Yes....8.89miles! That's the furthest I've ever run.
4.  The Fish Restaurant in Houston. I asked the waiter what was his favorite sushi roll and he told me it was the "Wash your butt" roll which so happened to be off the menu. Yep…that's what he said... don't ask :-) Anyway it was really good! I love anything spicy.
5.  Morning Selfie featuring Sephora's lipstick - Rouge. Love that brand!
6.  Great travel mug made by Trudeau - This particular style has push open/close knob which enables the best spill proof I've ever seen and is well insulated. I literally put this mug filled with coffee in my handbag most mornings when out of the car and not one drop has spilled!
7.  My little rum of Don Q from a girl’s trip to Puerto Rico earlier this year. Nice little surprised when I found it hidden in the kitchen cabinet.... shhh!
8.  DSW rewards + birthday coupon = Beautiful open-toed booties
9.  Bloggers Do it Better Sweatshirt arrived in the mail
10.  Yearning for another trip. Conde Nast: My cure for the travel bug.
11.  What I'm known best for cooking at home: Coconut curry fried rice with shrimp... YUM!
12.  Celebrating a co-workers birthday with mini cupcakes from Gigi's cupcakes. I decided to use that as my office view versus flowers…..Off course that view only lasted 2minutes :-)
13.  Oops... Not sure why my booties showed up again :-)
14.  LOVE my Boden heeledBrogue. I chose to switch the laces to an orange color.
15.  Lunch at Nordstrom's Bistro N. Great food! and very convenient.
16.  Argh… The Wash your butt roll showed up twice!
Oh well... that's it for now. Don't forget to keep in touch with me via Instagram @mywalletmystyle.


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  1. That leather jacket is awesome... Great score!