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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Handmade Jewelry and Aztec Print Skirt

This handmade necklace was given to me by a very good friend Teresa.  I can see she put a lot of work into this creation and I'm the lucky person who now owns it :-) I decided to wear it with this vibrant aztec print skirt from TopShop. I have to admit this was my very first purchase from them and I'm loving it, the colors..... perfect for fall. It just so happens this skirt is currently on sale (checkout link below). On the day I wore this outfit my daughter told me, the colors reminded her of Halloween. Gotta love kids and their honesty :-)

*I had to put this shot in the mix...LOL. The bugs came flying at me and I almost swallowed one. 

Top: Marshalls
Skirt: TopSop (here)
Necklace: Gifted (Thanks Teresa!)
Shoes: Nine West. Old purchase. Alternatives: (here), (here), (here)

Photographer: MAlicia


  1. This looks great! Wild skirt!

  2. Great skirt and great necklace. You look fabulous as usual!

  3. The booties are adorable. These colors work for you.

    Barbara @

  4. Love that skirt!! the color is amazing

    1. I was so happy to receive it in the mail. Was even better. Thanks for stopping by :-)

  5. way too cute for words! I love your candid pics!!!!!

    give me that skirt :)


  6. I really love the necklace. It is really gorgeous. It complemented really well with the outfit. And you really look great with it.