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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Lunar Year: The Year of the Horse

The kids and I spent yesterday at the Discovery Green for the Vietnamese Lunar New Year festival. 
This year is said to be the year of the Horse, which I was told meant the year for good fortune. It is said that anyone born this year is strong-willed, adventurous and resilient. All this describes me I thought to myself, so what animal was my year?  I had to check :-) Turns out I was born the year of the Rabbit :-)
 * I Really enjoyed the dragon dance. Very colorful, I really can't say what everything they did meant but it was exciting to see.

* Today was a no thrills day. It was quite chilly. What I call Houston cold weather ;-)
So for me it was all about comfort and warmth.

* I love this lady's traditional Vietnamese outfit. Love the colors.

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