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Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day: Blast from the past with 1920's Military Skirt

Its been a while I've had an outfit post. Why? Well, I'd like to say its a combination of things but mostly if I must be honest i've simply been slowly slipping into a funk. I've often talked about keeping inspired and having the passion stay alive, well I guess with being a mother and having a  full time job and tons of other things on my mind its safe to say its easier said than done. But today I'm reminded how lucky I am to be able to pursue the things I love, to have the life I have with all my loved ones.

 So what have I been up to on my free time. Well, catching up on all things Downton Abbey. So here's my blast from the past with this military styled skirt from Asos which I purchased last year. 
The blouse I wore on a previous post (here). And my heeled oxford from DSW, another old purchase. Enjoy the Holiday! 

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  1. Love themed posts and Downton Abbey! These look awesome!