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Saturday, December 27, 2014

LBD: Halter top Dress with Lace Hemline + Photo of the Day

LBD: Halter top Dress with Lace Hemline

Here is another LBD for this week. So far its been blacks or pinks with my style boards. In my opinion one can never have enough little black dresses. And with so much variety its easy to pile up on them. I say show off those shoulders with this Halterneck. Gotta love the Lace hemline. Such a sexy chic dress, certainly a twist to the classic LBD.

Aside from my obsession with Polyvore, I've also been out and about taking photos of things that inspire me. Today's photos were taken when I visited a friends house a few weeks ago. Well, I'd say its more a farm house. The highlight for me was trying to carry her Turtles. Wow! They were very heavy!

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