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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Finding my Beast Mode: Graphic Tee and Riding boots

*Style board on Polyvore based on the outfit I'm wearing in this picture.  

 So the graphic animal tee trend has been around for a couple of years now and I for one am not letting go of this Tee just because the trend is about to be over, or is it? who knows? All I know is I absolutely love my Tee! The feeling of empowerment, action-oriented comes to mind. Yes, its just a Tee but its all about where you draw your strength right? Actually this is my second outfit post on this Tee, checkout my other post here.

We often use the term beast mode when talking about working out. That zone where you feel as though you are the winner at a 100meter race or a winner at the Tour de France when actually you are in a spinning class. Ahh! such a wonderful feeling that is. For me beast mode also means trying to stay inspired and motivated not just in the gym but also other aspects of my life.

So what keeps me motivated or inspired? My #1 motivation of course are my two bundles of joy.
 But besides that, many people say motivation and inspiration can come from anywhere. Whether its a quote, an article from a site I visited, a travel post from a blog, healthy recipes from a blog or a fashion post; here are a few sites that have recently peaked my interest for various reasons.

Rachel Boulevard (A post about her vintage shopping in Barcelona)


~Born riding boots: old purchase from Marshalls
~Riding boots on Style Board: Here
~ Gap denim moto jacket: sold-out
~Denim jacket on Style Board: Dororthy Perkins. Also sold-out
~Perfume: Tory Burch
~Lipstick: Mac "Fresh Brew"


  1. I agree, I love that everything around me inspire me in some way or another.
    P.S- I'm always inspired by your awesome Marshalls finds. I love those boots!

    1. Thank you so much! Don't you just love Marshalls.

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