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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Standing out with Colors + A talk with Bette Midler @Wortham Center

Happy Throw Back Thursday or I should say tbt as the net lingo goes. My tbt goes back two days ago when my lovely friends and I attended the Brilliant Lecture Series with the multi-talented Bette Midler as the speaker held at Houston's Wortham Center.

 If you haven't heard of the Brilliant lecture series you'd be in for a nice little surprise with the variety of speakers that have come on stage. What a way to stay inspired! Listening to struggles and triumphs of your favorite public figures, artists, author. Hearing the determination they had as well as  recognizing the opportunities. As Bette Midler put it, "its not about the arrival but about the journey".

So what does one wear to such an event. Well for starters its pretty much what I wore to work.
Seeing this picture and all I can think about is the 1990's group Color Me Badd. I certainly stood out with all the colors!

All smiles with my beautiful friends. Loving the handbags! We had a blast before the show eating sushi and of course wine was involved.


Top: Old Purchase
Skirt: Tahari via Marshalls
Shoes: Vince Camuto via Nordstrom Rack

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