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Friday, July 26, 2013

Beauty Summer Hauling: NARS/Victoria Secret/Stila/Marc Jacobs

It was long overdue for me to visit Sephora. I needed to pickup my favorite eyeliner - Sephora's collection Khol waterproof in color 001 Keep Black. I get there only to find out that it was discontinued! I was quite disappointed to say the least. Well, I figured I was there why not look around :-)

*Stila Perfecting Concealer - This is not a new product for me, It has slowly but surely become part of my daily makeup routine. With great coverage for blemishes on my chin and neck area, I would say it comes pretty close to Bobbi Brown's corrector which I still use occasionally. Now I know the BB corrector is used mostly under the eyes, but yes I love to use my corrector for blemishes too. I can't really say how well Stila concealer will blend with pressed powders however it blends quite well with my liquid MUFE HD foundation.

 *I must admit within the last few years I've started to limit my use of heavy eye shadow makeup. When it came to eye shadows, I found that I looked much better with the less is more approach . I also realized that it gave me the opportunity to branch out into brighter colored lipsticks. NARS Funny Face is perfect for a little to no eye makeup days. Its a deep Fuchsia, perfect color for the summer and to be honest I'll use it all year round. Like all other NARS products, this matte lipstick does not fail when it comes to pigmentation. There was no need to constantly reapply through out the day. Yep, its a keeper!

*I then wondered off into the perfume section. I'm constantly trying out new perfumes. I find that I like sweet, fruity, floral fragrances much better. Marc Jacobs Honey is just that..... very light, floral, citrus sweet and yes you can smell the honey in it. Perfect for hot summer days and like most of Marc Jacobs perfumes, the packaging is very cute. My only gripe about it is that it does not seem to last long through out the day, based on this I'm on the fence about buying it a second time. Of course while talking to the sales associate, she seizes the opportunity to tell me about the much anticipated Marc Jacobs full makeup line that will hit the stores next month :-)
*On my way out of the mall, I stopped by Victoria's Secret to pickup my favorite body spray -  Heavenly. I quickly remembered that I once sampled Bombshell Forever perfume which I thought was quite nice at the time. After sampling out the body spray, I have to say that I much prefer the body spray to its perfume. I can't quite explain why that is.... its just slightly different from its Perfume. Of course yet again this scent is fresh, fruity and floral which I love and since I workout during my lunch hour I use body sprays after a quick shower. This one lasts on me for quite awhile. So far I'm loving it!
Since I'm always on the look out for new lip colors, I'd love to hear your favorite colors. Are you exploring more in brighter colors?
Thank God its Friday, I'm looking forward to a great time with the kids and a relaxing time hanging out with friends by the pool. 
Have a great weekend!
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  1. i've been meaning to try honey and a new shade of red lipstick. thanks for the reminders!!

  2. Love Stila, excelent and long-staying makeup! Great post!

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